Our customers say it best!

Robin Stevens, Director, Alumni Career Services at Smeal College of Business at Penn State

I met Jamie Goddard over a year ago and was impressed by his knowledge of everything technical, but also his enthusiasm for helping others and sharing his talent. I asked and he delivered! Jamie developed a presentation for our webinar series called,”Time Saving Tips:  Navigating iOS7 and Its Best Apps” . He was an absolute delight to work with and it was the most well attended webinar we have done to date. His knowledge of the topic and his skill in communicating the information to a varied audience was exceptional!! Jamie is a great example of alumni giving back to their university! I highly recommend him

Carol Consorto, Norristown, PA

I bought my first smartphone with much apprehension, so I knew I would need a lot of basic help. Jamie answered my basic questions very clearly. He also explained concepts that I never imagined possible. He set up a procedure that would backup my contacts. He taught me not only how to use the phone, but also how to customize it to suit my needs and how to secure it. As a senior, I especially appreciated his patient manner. His optimistic and encouraging attitude helped me feel more comfortable and confident with the new phone. Jamie’s enthusiasm is contagious. Because he enjoys explaining the phone, I now enjoy using it.

Pat and David Nogar; Trooper, PA

My wife and I had a very informative overview with Jamie Goddard, founder of LifeLeash, of the many social networking sites, apps, and other technologies available to assist us with marketing and managing our post-worklife (e.g., retirement) enterprises.
Jamie states that his company seeks to: “help people live more efficiently through technology.”
A very worthwhile mission and business model, I think – particularly given that, despite the promises made to all of us about how much easier technology would make our lives, my experience at least has been that technology has often just taken a lot more of my time and money….
Jamie’s approach is to flip the paradigm and help his clients better use technology in a way that makes it easier for them to achieve their business objectives, rather than be held hostage or overwhelmed by it.
For example, while I had always known that social networking was a very cost-effective method to get yourself, your skills, or your business known to extraordinarily large numbers of people, my own knowledge was quite limited in terms of how to actually do it in a practical way. Jamie’s consultation was extremely helpful in that regard.
In addition, he alerted me to a number of mind-mapping apps that are available, many of which are free, that allow you, with a little self-discipline, to capture virtually every creative thought that travels through your brain and put it in a format in which you might actually be able to do something with it.
A far cry from the traditional notepad on the nightstand, I think.
My biggest takeaway from our session with Jamie however, was not only the sheer volume of what’s available from a technological or social networking standpoint, but perhaps more importantly, how quickly it becomes obsolete and is replaced with something better.
So what I learned is that, in order to stay on top of this stuff and remain relevant – it’s extremely helpful, if not essential, to consult with someone who makes it their business to stay informed of all of the latest technology and trends. Jamie and LifeLeash will be my pick for that service.
Thanks, Jamie!

Mike Hirst, Founder of Exton Web Design

Jamie has the outstanding ability to squeeze the most out of today’s technology. Whenever I’m in need of a tool to increase my productivity or solve a problem, I turn to LifeLeash.