As the world has begun to move at a faster pace, it has become increasingly difficult to manage the overwhelming amount of information coming at us.  We have all been asked to do more with less, while not always being provided the additional tools and training to be successful.  Whether you work for someone else or you run your own business, we can help you identify strategies, tactics and tools to improve your productivity and efficiency.  We offer a complimentary phone consultation to discuss your needs and identify areas we can help.  Click the “Free Phone Consultation” button to the right to schedule yours today!


Task Management
    • Improve the way you manage projects
    • Operationalize your Strategy
    • Team accountability boards through Outlook or SharePoint
Contact Management
    • Using Outlook for CRM
    • Tools to learn new customers
    • Strategies To Quickly Find And Manage Your Network And Customers
Note Taking Tools & Tactics
    • Digital note taking without giving up your pen and paper
    • Never have to flip through your note book again to find your last meeting’s notes
    • Quickly search based on keywords to find important information
Mind Mapping
    • Visual Brainstorming
    • Account Mapping
    • Create Outlines Quickly And Easily
Internet Data Mining
    • Strategic Searches
    • Keyword Identification
    • Specific File Types (i.e. pdf, ppt, doc)
Cloud Storage
    • Quickly save, access and find your documents from any device
    • Easily find documents using keywords even in pictures and hand written notes
    • Upload via email, smartphone app, computer plugins and more
 Business Card Scanning
    • Use your smartphone camera to turn business cards into contacts
    • No need bring cards home and scan
    • Instantly add them to your contacts with notes from your introduction
Personal Network
    • Build it before you need it
    • Networking tactics to build and manage your personal network
iPhone & iPad training
    • Optimize the potential of your smartphone
    • Learn time saving iOS navigation tips
    • Top productivity apps


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