Welcome to our business division of LifeLeash.  We will analyze your business and help your streamline your business processes, improve efficiency and reduce costs.  We offer a complimentary phone consultation to discuss your needs and identify areas we can help.  Click the “Free Phone Consultation” button to the right to schedule yours today!


iPhone & iPad training
    • Team Productivity Training
    • Optimize the potential of your team’s smartphone
    • Learn time saving iOS navigation tips & top productivity apps
Computer Backup
    • There’s no hardware to install or maintain, no wires to connect, no tapes to deal with. Simply install the software
    • Automatic, continual backup » Your files are backed up automatically and continually in the background, so your backup stays up-to-date
    • Private encryption key management » If you comply with certain industry regulations — like HIPAA
Cloud Services
    • Microsoft Office 365, Dynamics CRM, Exchange hosting
    • Google Business Solutions
Cloud Storage
    • Quickly save, access and find your documents from any device
    • Easily find documents using keywords even in pictures and hand written notes
    • Upload via email, smartphone app, computer plugins and more
Web Design
    • Create an online presence and increase brand recognition
    • Reach more customers and build confidence
    • Build an email list to communicate with your customers on a regular basis
Contact Management
    • Never Loose Another Contact When You Get A New Phone
    • Manage both your personal network, customers and future leads
    • Always have access to your contacts from any device
Business Card Scanning
    • Use your smartphone camera to turn business cards into contacts
    • No need bring cards home and scan
    • Instantly add them to your contacts with notes from your introduction
Task Management
    • Improve the way you manage projects
    • Operationalize your Strategy
    • Team accountability boards through management tools
Bill Management
    • Never Receive Another Bill In The Mail
    • Eliminates paper bills by automatically collecting, scanning, and emailing you when a paper bill arrives
    • Electronic bills arrive directly to your account
    • Pay in one click
    • Scanned bills available annually in one convenient DVD

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