Sometimes the road ahead can become a little blurry, but with the right map you can plan for a much more productive life. Utilizing tools that fit your lifestyle can save you hundreds of hours a year to do more of the fun things you enjoy.  LifeLeash will listen to both your goals and challenges so that we can identify the tools and applications for you to be most effective.

In the Home


Computer Backup
    • Protect Your Documents, Pictures, Music And Videos
    •  Access files anytime, anywhere from any Internet-connected computer, smartphone or iPad®
    • Your files are encrypted before leaving your computer – so the only one who sees your files, is you
Bill Management
    • Never Receive Another Bill In The Mail
    • Eliminates paper bills by automatically collecting, scanning, and emailing you when a paper bill arrives
    • Electronic bills arrive directly to your account
    • Pay in one click
    • Scanned bills available annually in one convenient DVD
Wireless Home Networking
    • Streaming
      • Music
      • Pictures
      • Video
Turn Your TVs Into
    • Digital Picture Frames
    • Speaker System For Music
Parental Guidance
    • iTunes, iPhone and iPad
    • TVs
Recipe Management
    • Find Recipes By Keywords
    • Quickly and Easily Add Recipes To Your Database
Mobile Solutions
iPhone & iPad Training
    • Optimize the power of your mobile technology
    • Time-saving navigation tips
      • Call someone from a text within 2 taps
      • Check your calendar from a locked screen
      • Get your boarding pass on your phone and access from a locked screen
      • And many, many more
    • Pantry Inventory
    • Grocery List
Inventory Management
    • Wine
    • Movies
    • Music
    • Video Games
Cloud Storage
    • Access Anything From Any Device
    • Quickly and easily save, find and access any file
    • Upload via email, smartphone app, computer plugins and more
    • Exchange, iCloud, Gmail
    • See The Entire Family’s Schedule On Every Device
Contact Management
    • Protect the countless hours you spent building your contact list
    • Never worry about transfering contacts to your new phone again
    • Prevent having to start from scratch if you loose your phone