What is a Personal Technology Consultant?

A Personal Technology Consultant will help you identify tools and applications so that you can better manage all that life has to throw at you.  They can help you with everything from optimizing the power of your smartphone's operating system to identifying and implementing tools to manage your health, hobbies and your most valuable information.

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What LifeLeash is NOT.

We do not specialize in virus removal, crashed PCs, or any other malfunctioning software or hardware problems.  With that said, we can teach tips and tricks for stalled iPads, iPhones or computers and their applications.

What if I don't live in Philadelphia? Do you offer virtual consulting?

Yes we offer face to face consulting for those living in the Philadelphia area but it's not a problem if you don't.  We offer virtual consulting via the internet.  We have the ability to share the screen of computers, iPhones and iPads right over the internet in order to walk you through any process step by step.

How much does it cost for a session?

LifeLeash is constantly researching all the available tools and applications available to consumers.  As you know, technology is changing at an extrodinary rate.  We not only help you save time with the solutions we implement but we save you hours of searching the internet for a tool that might not meet your needs.

We offer a 30 minute needs-assessment call, at no charge, to determine how we can help you.  We offer both hourly rates and per project rates that we can discuss during this time.  Go to our "Quote" page to schedule a call today.